Horses at Hoofenfeather Farm

Going back to boarding horses was a huge decision because it would require a complete overhaul of the barn interior. Water pipes had to be changed, new floors would

have to be installed in most of the barn, electrical would have to be removed and updated, the ceiling would have to be updated with pine and a completely new lighting system would have to be installed which consisted of recess lights throughout the entire barn and in every stall. In addition a textured cement aisle was required. So the work began.

For the past year work was carried out inside the barn.

Today we are very pleased that the vast majority is finished to the point we can start to take in boarders again.

We do have a Farrier that services our facility and also our Large Animal vet lives 10 minutes down the road.

Over the past year we have had many inquiries from horse owners to board at our farm but since the barn renovations were not complete we had to say not at those times.

In order to carry out the renovations that were needed to meet our standards, the barn had to be 100% empty.

Today we are pleased to say, we are ready.

We hope you enjoy some of our pictures of some of our previous boarders.