Boarding at Hoofenfeather Farm

At Hoofenfeather Farm, we very much look forward to having horses back in our barn again and to see them out in the pastures. For people to come and enjoy the

pleasure of owning a horse is one of the best feelings of all. Most rewarding for us is when people thank you for going that extra step in caring for their horse, regardless if it is treating a scratch, advising of a health concern, birthing a foal or simple grooming. That is certification for us that we are doing what is right by our clients.

Hoofenfeather Farm Horse Boarding Barn

We like the fact that Hoofenfeather Farm is not a large horse boarding facility. With a maximum number of 6 horses, we feel we have a closer relationship with our clients but more importantly, with the horses trusted into our care.

When dealing with people, regardless if they have horses or not, some you can please and some you can’t. It is crucial to us that we take on clients that are both reasonable and responsible, that way everyone gets along and in return, our clients have peace of mind when they come to the farm and know without question that their horse is being cared for properly.

We have daily turnout unless the weather is just nasty. Even on bad days during the winter we try to get the horses out even if it is just for a couple rolls or a scratch, enough to shake of any stall jitters.

During the warmer months we try to have the horses out 24/7 unless there is a reason to bring them in due to severe weather or client request. Most times the horses

will let us know when they want in.

We keep a constant supply of fresh hay at the farm winter and summer and always a supply of fresh water. Grains are fed as per owner’s requests.

Heaters are available for severe weather but are rarely used due to the barn being insulated. We also have video monitoring of each stall inside the barn.

If you would like to obtain additional information on boarding please contact us via email or phone.