About Hoofenfeather Farm

We purchased our Farm in July 2005. The property is bordered on the south by Highway 277 leading into Dutch Settlement and continuing into the Musquodoboit Valley. The North side of the property borders approximately 600’ of the Shubenacadie River.

The Farm is located 15 minutes from the Stanfield International Airport and 30 minutes from the City of Halifax.

The majority of our acreage is an undeveloped mix of hard and soft wood with several creeks meandering through the property and feeding into the Shubenacadie River.

Having previously residing in the Musquodoboit Valley we had driven past this farm hundreds of times. We were always impressed with the strong fences which were made up of railway tie posts and 2”x6” rails. We were always curious as to what laid at the end of that 400’ driveway into a property of which only the front pasture, fences and a hint of a barn could be seen from the highway.

The main barn houses 6 horse stalls measuring 12’x12’ each, a feed room and a tac room. All floors inside the barn are wood with the exception of the center aisle which is a textured finished cement. Presently we are installing a pine ceiling and wiring in recessed lights in each stall and the aisle. The loft of the barn can hold approximately 2,000 bales of hay.

There is approximately 8-9 acres of pasture at the front of the property. Beside the barn is a competition size riding ring which leads into the front pasture and also leads onto the riding trail back through the woodland to the Shubenacadie River. A second trail is being cut and will be ready by the fall of 2015.

Through the front pasture is a creek which rarely goes dry and there is also a pond on the property. Behind the main barn is a storage barn for the Farm equipment and sawdust and shavings we use in the stalls.

Also behind the main barn is a smaller sheep and goat barn which opens up to a smaller pasture area for the “pet” occupants.

Hoofenfeather Farm is a Registered Farm business within the Province of Nova Scotia and a member of the Nova Scotia Federation of Agriculture.

We hope that by visiting our site, you crack a smile as we do every day.